Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray We're Blogging Today

Greetings from the Whispering Willow Fairies! My name is Huckleyberry Hijinx and I was asked by our royal fairy queen, Tatianna to write our first post here on "blogger". Things have been hopping in the old "fairy glen". Trixy Tussle (my significant other and partner in mischief) and I just recently had a big fairy swirl for all the fairies in the glen. It was a huge success and we danced until dawn. "Brucie" my best buddy was the life of the party. He brought his old spoon guitar and played the best "Jimi Hendrix" renditions I've heard since "Jimi" himself! It was "fairy" wild and we couldn't get enough. The food was amazing as well! The Earth-n-Garden fairies; Olinda, Shaylee, Ilexi, Serena, Peppermint and Cinda out did themselves with the refreshments. It was a feast fit for a queen. And our queen, Tatianna was definitely pleased! There was only one time that things got a little out of hand when a couple of our mischief maker's, Piper and Pippin, got a little too crazy and showed up with a wheelbarrow full of "human" socks! You all know how we fairies can get when we have access to a bunch of socks . . . it was a "free for all". It's just a little too much when we all start jumping around, flying about and diving in and out of the sock pile! Kind of like when you humans form a "mosh pit" at those concerts and go diving in and out, bumping heads, flinging arms, etc. Quite fun, but a little out of control. Tatianna got things under control "fairy" quickly and initiated the use of the number system . . . much more civilized. LOL! Uh, oh . . . Trixy just called me to come eat breakfast. I'm never one to miss a meal, as you can see from my pic above (that's Trixy beside me . . . she's beautiful?) Hey, if you get a chance stop by our website to get a good look at all of the Whispering Willow Fairies. We really are a "smart" bunch . . . and if you really want you could bring us home to your house. We promise it will never be the same, but in a Fairy Good way! (Teeheeheehee!)
Over and out!
Your friend,

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