Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happily Ever Afters, Fairy Tales & Adventures!

Introducing my Once Upon A Time Collection with "Goldilocks". Now available in my Zazzle store! T-shirts, Buttons, Canvas Bags, Mousepads, and more!
Once Upon A Time . . . there lived a beautiful girl with golden hair and big expressive eyes . . . finding herself walking deep into the forest she came upon a beautiful little cottage. She tapped lightly on the door and noticed that no one was at home. Well, by this time she had become very hungry so she slowly opened the door and walked in. To her surprise she saw 3 bowls of the most inviting porridge and began taking a taste from the largest bowl. Oh, that was much too hot . . . moving on to the medium size bowl . . . oh, that was much too cold . . . and then noticed a small bowl and took a small taste . . . awwww, JUST RIGHT!

Currently finding myself drawn into the magical world of Fairy Tales, Lessons Learned and Happily Ever After endings. Always has been one of my favorite themes and so many wonderful subjects you just can't go wrong going down the "yellow brick road" or climbing up the castle wall! You can always bet that at the end of either you will find a great adventure.

Wishing you a most magical and fantastic fairy tale day!

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