Sunday, March 21, 2010

Totally MAD about HATS!




With the recent release of Alice in Wonderland I've come to the conclusion that I'm simply Mad about hats! All of the creations that the Mad Hatter created for the "Red Queen" were so fun and started my search for unique hats and stylings by amazing millinery artists that are still creating hats today . . . the old fashioned way. I found some romantic and amazing designs and couldn't help, but be mesmerized by their creations and inspired to create a collection of "Hat Themed" Pop Art Mini's (Debuting soon...stay tuned). In the meantime here's a few gorgeous hats that caught my eye . . . styles that would definitely at the tip top of my hat list.
1. Louise Green Millinery...lovely, romantic, chic and beautiful!
2. Soul of the Rose...a vintage flair with a romantic twist.
3. Wayne Wichern Millenery...artsy and a unique sense of style!

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