Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy May Day! Celebrating SPRING!

Thinking about the celebration of Spring and the tradition of May baskets which brought back some great childhood memories! I remember for weeks before May 1 my Mom, my Sister's and I would begin the exciting process of making May baskets that we would deliver to our friends and family. 
We would sit for hours cutting pieces of crepe tissue paper in an assortment of colors that we would then wrap around the eraser part of a No. 2 pencil, dip in glue and  lovingly attache to the side of a paper cup or a four corner folded construction paper basket.  This would continue until the entire basket was covered with a frilly array of tissue paper color that would end up making a perfect (to us) May basket that would hold a handful of penny candy.  My Mom was always our best champion and would be there with encouragement, help and smiles.  I think it was probably her spurring on this tradition that motivated us to enjoy making such fun and adventurous creations.  In fact, I remember her childhood stories about the May Celebration the Rockwell Street gang would put on every year.   They would have a May Procession that ended in the a pageant to celebrate the wonderful season of Spring!  Awww...memories.  So with loving and fun memories I went on a Google search to find some updated versions of the tradition of May Baskets & FUN!  My Finds: May baskets in cone shapes, baskets filled with flowers, ediblie baskets and paper baskets all filled with lots of fun! Well, I'm now inspired! Off to make a May Basket . . . Happy May Day!

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