Friday, July 9, 2010

Left Brain - Right Brain . . . Which are YOU?

While on a recent "google search" I came across this fun little test to determine which side of the brain does most of your thinking.  Here's a brief summary of what the left and right brain characteristics are.

Left Brain Characteristics - Rational:

Looks at parts
Responds to verbal instructions

Problem solves by logically and sequentially looking at the parts of things
Looks at differences
Is planned and structured
Prefers established, certain information
Prefers talking and writing
Prefers multiple choice tests
Controls feelings
Prefers ranked authority structures

Right Brain Characteristics - Intuitive:

Looks at wholes
Responds to demonstrated instructions

Problem solves with hunches, looking for patterns and configurations
Looks at similarities
Is fluid and spontaneous
Prefers elusive, uncertain information
Prefers drawing and manipulating objects
Prefers open ended questions
Free with feelings
Prefers collegial authority structures

Although we are made up of characteristics from both sides we usually always have a dominant side that controls the way we approach things in life.  So do you think you know which side does most of your thinking?  Why not take the test and see.  Come back and share your results when you're done!
Click here to go to the test page

Here's my result:
Left Brain - 40% Right Brain - 60%


Just Call Me Grammy said...

My score was Left Brain 40% Right Brain 60%
I guess great minds really do think alike :o)

Joni Nickrent said...

Hey, Terry...we ended up the same! I think it's pretty right on! LOL

Ayala Art said...

Fun posting! I am 48% 52%

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks for sharing Ayala! Your results show that you are definitely a creative and your awesome art proves it!