Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lively Lucy Mop Top Needs Your Vote!

By day I work on the product development of dolls for Charisma Brands.  It's an amazing and fun job and so rewarding to see the results of planning, development and production in creating collectible porcelain, vinyl, and resin dolls for all ages! 
So I'm sending out an Open Call for your help by Voting for our amazing dolls!  We have 5 special dolls that are in the running for a DAE award.  If you get a chance (voting ends July 14) please hop on over and vote for our Adora Belle Lively Lucy!   She's on a quest to follow in her DOTY award winning sister's footsteps, Adora Belle-Ruella Raspberry.   
It's easy to vote!  Just click on the link VOTE HERE for Lively Lucy.  It will take you right  to the page that she is featured on.  Click on the 10 stars and that's it! Simple! 

Adora Belle Lively Lucy thanks you and we thank you at Marie Osmond-Charisma! 

...and if you love dolls check out all of our fun collectible treasures on our websites:


Still feel like voting? 
Here's the links for the other beautiful dolls that are in the running for Dolls Awards of Excellence.  We'd love to have you vote for them as well.
Tutti Fruity

Hope for Haiti - Emmanuel & Johanna


Happy Teddy

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