Monday, July 5, 2010

Masquerade! An Adventure in the Art of Disguise

The Inspiration!

 First Masked Adventure!

A few weeks ago I attended the Rose Bowl Flea Market along with my daughter, husband and good friend, BJ.  While we were walking the grounds we came across a booth that was selling vintage masks that had been created with antique lace, buttons, trims, etc.  My daughter and I were very intrigued by the masks and so decided that we would try our hand at making a reproduction with a twist that made it all ours.  The slideshow is a collection of the process and starts out with the photo that inspired us.
With the first mask complete we definitely have ideas for more fun creations and will be on the look out for some true vintage lace, button, trims, etc. that will make them even more special.  Hope you enjoy this little Masquerade . . . an adventure in the Art of Disguise!

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