Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WOW! Have Vampires Come A Long Way!

As a kid I remember racing home to watch the vampire show of my generation, “Dark Shadows” (really giving my age away with that one)! The “back in the day” black and white vampire show barely compares with today’s release of the Twilight Saga big screen movies and books. Spawning everything from HBO vampire hits like “True Blood”, my daughter’s can’t miss show, to fashion and everything in between. So with inspiration taken from Vampires and Fashion I would like to introduce two amazing fashion dolls that during my day job, (Product Development Manager for Charisma Brands) we created to . . . should we say . . . make our mark! Two raven hair beauties with mystical hand painted features, stunning costumes inspired by Vampire Chic fashion and names that might have a slight connection to the big screen movies that everyone is talking about . . . “Twyla Moon” and “Calypso

Appearing both day and night (somehow when you’re a Vampire Chic fashion doll the light doesn’t seem to bother you) on our website at Paradise Galleries!

Vampire Chic "Runway" Fashion Inspiration for the Fashion Doll Costumes.

Mmmm . . . what next . . . Vampire Inspired Pop Art Mini! Let me see if I can sink my teeth into that!


Just Call Me Grammy said...

Pretty dolls. A few days ago I was telling my hubby about how I used to rush home from school to watch Dark Shadows. He'd never heard of it...guess he was out playing baseball or something constructive ;o)

Joni Nickrent said...

Yeah, it was all the rage! It's funny how things come back into style...even vampires! I have memories of watching that show I will not forget LOL!