Monday, August 2, 2010

"Creative Kokeshi" (こけし, kokeshi?), Sunshine & Happiness

Sunshine And Happiness

Feeling inspired  to create something with an Asian flair I decided to work on a new concept that included a traditional folk art form of Japan . . . The Kokeshi Doll.   Dating back to 1830 traditional Kokeshi dolls are made of wood with a slender body, roundish head and no arms or legs. Well, as you can see I've taken some creative liberties since mine only follow the rounded head and no arms & legs tradition. The rest . . . blended oil pastels on paper canvas (that's wood . . . right! LOL) actually have my Kokeshi doll falling into the category of a "Creative Kokeshi". A bit of the traditional style, but with no specific guidelines for shape, design, size or subject.
So my collection begins with a little raven haired beauty that I call, "Sunshine And Happiness". 

Keeping the style and love for bright and vivid colors these little dolly's fit perfectly into my Pop Art Minis world!  Each design will relate to some emotional element that is meant to inspire positive and joyful thoughts and feelings!   (ie; sunshine=warmth, happiness=smile, joy, laughter, etc.)
I've also begun experimenting with little pattern swatches that I've created from elements I've used on the doll's costume.

These elements may be fun little opportunities for more creations of fun and adventure . . . , graphics, fabrics, etc . . . mmmm . . . imagining the possibilities! 

  Here's a sneak peek of an in progress design for the next one in the series called "Peaceful Panda". 

 Hope you enjoy these new little Pop Art Minis Kokeshi Dolls.


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