Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day In The Park - SNaP! FLasH! PoP! . . . It's Picture Time!

What a morning, well yesterday morning actually . . .with the dew still fresh on the ground, off to the park we went for an on location photo shoot. From Celebrations of the Seasons to Tea Parties and even a little football-cheer action thrown in for good measure this was one fantastically fun shoot. So, here’s a behind the scenes look of some of the fun that we had as the dolly’s and some very special friends helped make this day one full of fun, sNaPs and camera FLasHeS!

You can find these and more amazing dolls on our Paradise Galleries website!
A special thanks to Kristin @ Blue Sky's Studios for capturing this amazing day and for all of our new little friends that loved playing dolls!

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