Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eeek! They're Here! The Little Scribbles Monsters

Eeeekkk...I'm so excited about my new "Little Scribbles Monsters".  I've been thinking about these little "pops" for a while, but hadn't had a chance to sit down and put them to paper.  Late last night the time arrived! I think appropriate that they turned up in the wee hours of the morning . . . monsters, indeed! LOL   So what exactly is a Little Scribbles Monster?  They're cute and colorful personalities, a little sketchy at times, definitely full of mischief and a little on the wild side! 
Who arrived first?
Red Bunny Foo Frou
Poppy Pinky-Purple
Green Bean Bear
Here's a few more details that I'm sure will come out as they evolve and take over the Pop Art Minis Planet!
1.  They love sweets! Any kind of candy, cupcakes, oooeeey-goooeeey yummy sweet treats!
2.   Tricks are part of their trade.
 3.  They definitely have to voice their opinion in sometimes silly ways...mmmm...wonder what that could mean! LOL
3.  They can't get enough of colors, patterns, accents and accessories. 
4.  They are all a little crazy (in a fun and cuckoo kind of way) because a monster can never be predictable!
5.  Last, but not least . . . they have alot of Heart!
Be on the look out for the fun adventures of The Little Scribbles Monsters!   
You never know what they'll do next . . . have any ideas?  They love to be too!

P.S.  They'll be joining the Pop Art Minis Zazzle Product store soon too! Will be tweeting when that happens! Stay Tuned!

Have a Magnificently Monstrous Day!


sassypackrat said...

Really cute and fun!

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks so much! I'm having alot of fun with little monsters are just waiting to join the group! hehehe!

Unknown said...

I think that these little monsters are going to be so cool for tweens and the younger set!