Sunday, August 22, 2010

HoWLiNg-wEEn Black Cats and Jack-O-Lanterns - A Penchant for Pennants!

Halloween is one of my favorite seasons to design for and on a recent trip to Michael's I came across some fun cardstock pennants! mmm...a light went off and I started thinking about the possibilities for creating with this fun new paper format.   Since Halloween seems to be the inspiration for many of my designs lately I decided my first pennant should be Halloween Themed (probably a  theme for a few more as well! hehehe)
I'm really excited about the way the first one turned out and decided that I would offer the Original OOAK in my Etsy Store.  The pennant features the traditional bright and vibrant colors of all my Pop Art Minis with a Halloween twist and features icons of the season . . . Black Cats, Witches Wands, Jack-o-lanterns, Bats and Candy Corn all on a dark blue background with purple polka dotted border! 
Here's a few detail shots!

So I'm off on to work on another design in my new found Passion and Penchant for Paper Pennants.
(Say that fast 3 times...hehehe)
Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Wow, now THAT is a colorfully BOO-tiful pennant!!! Lovin your style!

Joni Nickrent said...

Thank you for such a wonderful compliment!

Petunia said...

Stopping by to say thank you for joining our Practical Magic Blog Party! I can't wait to see your creation. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday too and I just love this colorful pendant! Have a great day.