Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Look What The Stork Just Delivered!

I couldn't resist sharing some of the newest arrivals to the Paradise Galleries collection of delightful dolly's.  I know not everyone is a doll lover, but you have to admit that these cuties are just too fun and at the very least maybe, just maybe might bring a smile to your face or the face of someone that really loves dolls! 

The new Peapod Nursery collection by artist Laura Lee Eagles are adorable little bundles of joy complete with their own nursery ensemble, birth announcement and gift box. Tooooo cute!
Oh, and they would make a perfect gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby!

Or how about this little one..."Whoo's That Cutie"?  She's owl-some in her little pink and cream ensemble. 

And one of my favs . . . "Baby Hugs" by artist Diana Effner.  I have always loved Diana's work and this little doll is just absolutely amazing. 

There's so many more beautiful babies that have just arrived in the Paradise Galleries nursery.  Check out their website amazing dolls, unbelievable prices and the special offers make these babies perfect in every way!   

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