Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't Worry BEE Happy . . . or is that GRIN and BEAR it?

We're often told to think of the positive in everything we do
To look for the silver lining and things will work out for you.
Life is not an easy task to have to muddle through
But, with a positive attitude we'll surely have a better view.
Don't worry BEE happy we may  have been told
It's the story of GRIN and BEAR it which sometimes can get old
So I'd like offer a suggestion . . . I hope that you don't mind
When you feel a little blue and are tired of the daily grind
Take out  your jar of honey that sweetness from within
And I will guarantee before long you'll start to GRIN.
Share it with a friend or two and the smiles will surely double
Those things that gave you trouble will begin to turn to rubble.
Laugh, enjoy and share with all that's in your heart
And although things won't be perfect it will be a perfect start.
So what's this really all about . . . this don't worry BEE  happy thing
It's about living, giving, creating, even imagining . . .
That once we start to share all that we have to give
We will BEE happy because we have really started to LIVE!

Dedicated in loving memory to my Mom who knew how to truly BEE happy . . . always giving, creating and imagining . . . a true CELEBRATION of LIFE!
Happy Birthday Mom!  



Anonymous said...

I love love this cutie little bear.....

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks so much Celeste!