Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Fun with an Owl, A Cat and A Jack...Stack!

Who's that I see stacked 1,2,3
It's an owl, a cat and a jack
That's silly I say, you don't see that everyday
Quite a site as a matter of fact!
Whooo says the owl
Boo says the cat
and Jack just says that's that!
We're here to have fun and we've only just begun
So don't have a stack attack!

Was inspired to create this little Halloween Pop Art Mini based on a fun sized frame that I found today.  I loved the tall and thin size of the frame and thought that it would be cute to create a stack of Halloween characters. A wise old owl, a silly black cat with a big grin and a jolly jack-o-lantern just seemed to be the perfect fit and it all fell into place! Hope you've enjoyed this brief holiday intermission . . . now back to the 2011 Pop Art Minis calendar designing! SMILES!

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