Sunday, September 12, 2010

HIVE CREATIVE CHALLENGE - "Tick Tock Autumn Clock"

Autumn is my favorite time of year (as I think it is for alot of us) and when Melissa, The Queen Bee from The Hive posted about the First official Creative Challenge 
THEME: Autumn . . . I was IN! 
The piece that I created for the challenge is called  "Tick Tock Autumn Clock"!   Here's Why? For me Autumn seems to come and go so quickly and as much as we try and hold onto the bright, beautiful colors, the crisp, cool weather, the excitement of Halloween well it never seems to stay around long enough.
(Plus, my birthday falls right before Halloween...hehehe)
Mr. Tick Tock Autumn Clock, the moon-like pocket watch is the center of attention in my oil pastel drawing while visions of Autumn swirl above his head . . . Jack-o-lanterns, Black Cats, Button Leaves, Owls in to the big show . . . Halloween!  I've added a few altered elements with some stamped words, newspaper embellishments and even a clear plastic lense piece placed over Tick Tock Clock's monocle.  It was a perfect challenge and one that I totally enjoyed!

 Here's a  little poem that also goes along with my Challenge Entry
Tick Tock Autumn Clock it's time to rock
Halloween is drawing near
Black cats on the prowl and purr with a growl
The bewitching hour is here
Button leaves and Hallowed Eves
Harvest moon hanging low in the sky
Crisp Autumn nights and Jack-o-lantern candle lights
How quickly time passes by
Dance, Dream Be inspired take all that’s desired
It's gonna be an "owl-some" show.
There’s so many reasons, that we love this season
Autumn please stay, don’t go!

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Wishing you an Awesome Autumn and a Happy Harvest!

Oh, and since this is a challenge and there is a prize for the most "Likes" I sure would Like it if you Liked my entry . . . Like really I would! Thank you!
(To vote you need to be a part of The Hive (it's FREE) and you can join here . . . It's easy and you might even find a new place that you really like to bee!)

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