Friday, September 17, 2010

I'd Like To Introduce To You . . ."Mr. Booooo Whoooo!"

There's a new Pop Art Mini that's joining the rest.  I was tweeting and twittering the complete progress.  From start to finish you could watch as I drew. The latest Pop Art Mini I call "Mr. Boo Whoo!"  You can check out more pics of the progression on on Twitpic
The original has the added altered elements of the "BOO!" glitter letters, stamping, and the little jewel on Mr. Boo Whoo's party hat . . . so fun!

An Owl and A Ghost together it's true
They must be up to mischief oh what should we do?
Call a friend, grab a costume, oh surely you knew
We'd join in the fun with The Ghost and Mr. Booo Whooo!

This design and more available in my Zazzle Store now! 


Unknown said...

and HOW do you do, Mr. Boo Who????

Adorable as always, Joni:)

Christine said...

I LOVE them!!