Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Lucky 13 - Bewitching Fairy Magic"

Feel Lucky?  My new altered art Oil Pastel, "Lucky 13" is  Bewitching Fairy Magic as she advises us  to LIVE life to the fullest with her altered BINGO card! hehehe! When the Autumn moon rises in the sky to let you know that the stars are aligned in a most delightful way . . . Halloween is coming soon and 13 turns into 31 for lots more treat filled fun!

So if you believe in fairies
and if you believe in fun
than you my friend are LUCKY
because the magic has just begun!

Wishing you a Bewitchingly Lucky and Fairy Magical Day!

The Pencil Sketch

Layering in the color

Applying the base color

Blending in the oil pastel colors

The finished drawing.

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