Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Peek a BOO! Sharing with YOU . . . SO Exciting!

As some of you may know I work "by day" on the  product development of and as the "stylist to the dolls" for all of the Charisma Brands collection of dollies.   Marie Osmond Dolls is one of those amazing and fun brands!  It's exciting, challenging, and very rewarding, but today was one of those special days when all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes is recognized with a special feature. There on the front cover of Doll Reader Magazine (an industry Magazine that is all about DOLLS) playing "peek-a-BOO" was our very own "Adora Belle - Frieda Fright Mop Top" and an article inside that talked about Marie turning 19
(yeah, I know . . . she gets younger every year . . . don't we all!  hehehe).   Actually that's 19 year's in the doll business.  It is an awesome article that also showcases the  "Adora-belle" collection of articulated Mop Tops, which as one of the peeps behind the scenes coordinating and  helping in the design process and  the day to day development . . . it's soooo exciting and fun to be a part of this recognition.  
Here's a few more shots of the pages from the article. 

Aren't they just the cutest . . . I know I'm not too biased! 
And if you haven't had your dolly fill yet . . .
We also have some more amazing collections  (that I just happen to know personally from development start to finish...hehehe) from baby dolls to witches, beautiful Reproduction Bru's to cute as can be toddler dolls. from Kewpie to Penny Brite and everything in between. 
Come check them all out when you have a minute or a few, uh . . . days (yeah, there's that many . . . hehehe)  I'm sure if you love dolls you're gonna find one you can't live without! 

Have a Delightful Dolly Day!

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essie said...

ongrats on the article.
You surely have a dream job :D
This are such a cute dolls (yes I know I make dark dolls but I also love cute sweet dolls ;D)
especially the pink one, I'm working on a cute pink one at the moment.
There's a lottery for the Pink Ribbon foundation at the Ahoy doll show I'm attending and I'm gonna donate 50% of the sale from the pink doll I'm making now.
My friend Millie and I also made a collaboration doll as donation for the lottery.
It feels so good that you can support such a good cause with something you love to do.