Friday, September 3, 2010

Raggedy Angels - Prim Blessings And A POP of Color!

I've been a little behind lately with my Pop Art Minis designing and had been trying to pull together some ideas to work on during this holiday weekend.  So the other night when I was searching through a folder of pen and ink art that I had done almost 9 years ago a small collection of angel drawings caught my eye!

I thought that it was funny how I still am attracted to the star theme and repeated patterns on the clothing of the characters . . . both elements that I'm still using in my Pop Art Minis designs today.  I also found myself being drawn to the prim look (something I hadn't really done in a while) and the use of a little quirky accent on each (ie: star  halo, fun shaped wings, striped leggings) a fun little detail.  So after a few quick sketches I decided to try recreating these Prim Angels in my Pop Art Minis style  . . . adding bright blended colors, heavier outlining strokes and a bit of a background . . . not exactly a copy of the original, but inspired by the sketch for sure! 
Here is the first in what may become a small collection of "Raggedy Angels" Pop Art Minis.
Raggedy Angels sparkle in the sky at night
Brightly colored blessings full of joy and delight!
Spread your wings and fly through the heavenly clouds above
Sharing happy thoughts, peace and tender love!

Hoping your days and nights are filled with many blessings and brightly colored dreams!

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