Sunday, September 19, 2010

Smiley For A Whiley and Maybe Even Sing? Inspired by Seuss!

A burst of Seuss-energy sparked by a Seuss-tacular find!  While searching for some other unknown treasure I came across some Dr. Seuss books from "back in the day."  I can still remember reading and re-reading these books.  I never got tired of the rhymes and the fun!  To this day I still love Dr. Seuss and my love of reading has never ceased.  I am the proud owner of a Kindle (yes, I love my "real" books too, but when I'm on the go, I go through alot of books and the Kindle is a library at my fingertips!)
So when I found these little treasures I thought "It must be a sign" this is my post! (insert "Smiley for a Whiley" ) Here's a pic of the books that, yes, were a part of that library of Seuss fun "back in my day"!  I know there's more somewhere I just need to keep digging! LOL

On the back of one of my favorites "Green Eggs and Ham" was a little bit about how long ago the "back in the day" might have been  . . . hehehe!

The other things this little find sparked was a happy memory, a smile and a Pop Art Mini, inspired by the whimsical charcters of Seuss.  A reminder to remember the good times, happy memories, laugh, enjoy and to always take time to "Smiley For A Whiley", my answer to The Cat In The Hat, or maybe a distant cousin (insert Smile) 

Signing off with a rhyme . . .

Ode To The Dr. Himself!
Now I’m no Seuss that’s for sure
But for my love of Seuss there is no cure.
Come on now tell me, tell me true
Who doesn’t love all those who’s in who-ville, WHO?
Or, how about some Hop On Pop
Once you get started it’s hard to stop
Maybe a little Put Me In the Zoo
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish or BLUE?
Oh, Seuss is just so whimsical and fun,
I’m only getting started and far from done
Now run, yes run if you must,
no reason to stay and make a fuss.
Unless of course you like Green Eggs and Ham
Please stay and enjoy it with Sam I Am
Or perhaps you can’t get enough of The Cat in The Hat
I sure can’t get enough of that!
Ok, enough, don’t scream . . . I’ll quit
But Seuss is amazing you must admit
Before I go, just one last thing
Stop and "Smiley for A Whiley" and maybe even sing!

And that's my Sunday Seuss-Session or is that Ob-Seuss-session?


Faye Hadfield said...

I love 'Smiley for a whiley' - I think you need to move into our guest room and brighten up my life with your darling paintings xxx

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks that comment is definitely one that will make me "Smiley for a Whiley". You're a burst of sunshine! ;)