Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Which Witch? Well, Wanda Witch, of course . . . She's BeWitching!

This being the Fall season and Halloween right around the corner I couldn't resist sharing our cute little Wanda Witch with you.  She's new from Paradise Galleries and she's bewitching in her adorable tutu witches skirt, corseted bodice, striped tights, purple witches hat and shiny patent boots. 
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When you're asked which Witch, answer Wanda of course
She's a pretty cute witch such a magcial source.
From her pointy witch hat to her shiny black patent boots
Be-Witching fun, lots of hollers and hoots!
A black sparkly cape, striped tights too
Before long this little cutie will have cast her spell on you.

Have a Wickedly Fun Day!

(I work on the Product Development of dolls for Charisma Brands of which Paradise Galleries is a part of our company.  Wanda was sculpted by Artist, Diane Bucki and Costume Design by Durelle Brown.)

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