Sunday, September 19, 2010

You "Lucky Lil' Devil" . . . Definitely Hot Stuff!

Our latest little character and now available in our  
Vibrant red little devil suit with two cute little horns and complete with her tiny little good luck charm dolly.  The original has tiny gold star embellishments and an antique "Lucky" lager bottle cap.  She's devilish and oh, so cute! Do you need a Lucky Lil' Devil Good Luck Charm?  Sure to be full of mischief and fun!

You "Lucky Lil' Devil" with your Good Luck Dolly Charm
Stars glowing all around you keeping you from harm.
Your little red devil suit is perfect as can be
Oh, "Lucky Lil' Devil" you're a Good Luck Charm to me!

Take a peek and how this little character came to be one "Lucky Lil' Devil".