Saturday, October 9, 2010

4:30 AM On A Saturday? You've Got To Be Kidding!

After an early start to my day yesterday I cannot believe that my body has decided that this might become a new habit (that I plan on breaking as soon as possible) especially on a Saturday! But here I sit, stare and now blog about this new "inner alarm clock".  I've already made my rounds . . .  facebook, twitterThe Hive, and GOOGLE which included searches on Dr. Seuss (still in love with the fabric that I saw yesterday!)

I believe I even dreamed about it and to dream a dream about something so extreme why I do
believe I've flipped! hehehe! 
But I do love a good Google Seuss search!  Which turned up this and a little bit of that mixed all together by the Cat In The Hat!  And I'm really digging that Diffendoofer Day
So, although it looks like my "dreamtime" is over for a while (may require a cat in the hat nap later) I believe I'll continue my day in a Pop Art Minis creative way . . . a quick shot of my desk, which is a very big mess

But I'll soon be digging in for some Pop Art Mini creating and the start of my Day-dreaming!
Rinnnggggg..... all caused by my inner alarm clock ringing! Rinnnggggg.....

Wishing you a day of rise and sunshine!


FlightFancy said...

I've been doing the same get up way too early thing. Since we're up hopefully it will be a warm and creative day!

Joni Nickrent said...

I'll vote for that! Hope you enjoy a very creative day! :)