Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Birthday Treat That Was Oh, So SWEET...The Purr-fect Pinata!

A big thanks to my sister, Shari for making an amazingly purr-fect pinata for my 29th (hehehe) birthday! Inspired by a photo of a pinata that from my birthday back in 1964
(cough, cough...really it couldn't have been that long)
she began to work her creative magic with paper mache' and made my day pretty magical as well when she sent me an email pic sharing the gift!  Needless to say I screamed with delight, clapped my hands and did the Happy Birthday dance...and that was just from seeing the photo.  hehehe!  I can hardly wait to get back home from my trip so that I can receive the treat filled pinata in person and than begin my birthday celebrating again! That is how it works, right?  

A PURR-FECTLY Sweet and Treat Filled Birthday Surprise
Thanks, Shari! I LOVE IT!


Caroline said...

Happy Halloween!

Lisa M Griffin said...

That is amazing! What a great surprise. Thanks for sharing