Sunday, October 3, 2010

Costume Time is Drawing Near . . . What Will You Become This Year?

Costume Time is Drawing Near
What Will you Become This Year?
A ghost, A Bat or maybe a Vamp
A hobo, a witch how about a Tramp?
Ok, probably not, but whatever you decide to be
I'd love if you'd share your wear with me!
Happy Halloween and Boo To YOU!
I'm sure what you decide to do
Will be specatcular, fantastic and great
Come on now hurry I just can't wait!

Me? I think I'm going to be . . . one part of Laverne and Shirley!

But since I've only started to think . . . this idea could very well sink! We'll see! hehehe!

In the meantime I'd thought I'd share some pics of Halloween costumes, yester-year!


Clowning around with a soldier and Miss Piggy back in 1985

A Lucky Leprechaun hanging out with a bunch of cool characters!

The California Raisin . . . even in 1987 I new I was destined for Cali . . . eventually! hehehe

Fast forward . . .
Betty Boop and the family!

A Halloween Fairy . . . loved this costume and party was great too!

Groovy Dude, Maiden, Bo Peep (I found the sheep) and The Hamburglar!

Your turn . . .
So, What will you wear for Halloween this year?
Scary, Cool, The most popular ghoul? Please do tell I'd love to Hear!

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