Saturday, October 2, 2010

"MARCH-ing" On With "Paddy's Little Clover Bear". . . Angelic and Lucky!

Whew, I'm happy to have finally found inspiration for the March Calendar design.  Not sure why this one was so hard for me, but I started several times before finally creating "Paddy's Little Clover Bear". . .  a little Saint (angel) named dreamy with her big green eyes and fun clover wings and Clover Bear . . .  her trusty, cuddly and lucky companion.   March now joins the fun January fun, "Snow Pals" and February's friends, "Purr-fect Sweethearts".

Work in Progress . . .

The Sketch

Color Applied

The blending begins

Blending Done...time for details

Detailing with black

Just about done!

Close up of "Clover Bear"


Up next, APRIL . . . Showers Bring May Flowers?
Suggestions anyone?


Anonymous said...

wow!!!! nice art work!!!!!!

sheryl malabanan said...

love your work!!! awesome!

sheryl malabanan said...

love your work!!! awesome!