Saturday, November 13, 2010

The BUMBLED BEE...A Treasury of Bee-utiful and Buzz-worthy Finds!

Got the buzz this afternoon to go on a golden Bumbled Bee hunt in hopes of finding some fun little treasures that feature the "awesomeness" of gold and black...not necessarily the glittering kind, but more the kind that would honor a Queen Bee herself!  In decor and a whole lot more the amazing "Bumbled Bee"
standout in a crowd and here's some buzzz-worthy
stuff to prove it!

Baby Bee...A mobile that buzzes with delight! 
This was just too cute.  I'm sure there are alot of creative crafter's in The Hive that will love this idea..  Stuffed Felt Bumbles and Beehive, stitched details and a little wire...wha-la...a Bumble Mobile that doesn't sting a bit!  Courtesy of Pink Perch

Card and Clips
How cute is this...a handmade card with black and white checked paper tiny wood bumbles that adorn miniature clothespins and a golden bow to tie this presentation into one nice little package! Bee-utiful!
Courtesy of Notes from A Cottage Industry

A Bee-day Party That's Sure To BEE all the BUZZ!
TOO FUN! Thanks to A to Z Celebrations for posting the pics of this awesome and buzz-filled event.  From the Party invites to the Treats this was one honey of a Bee-day party for sure!  Bee sure to check out the complete blog for all the details.  Definitely Buzz-worthy!

These Bees TakeThe Cake!
What I Know Today Blogspot knows alot about taking the cake to the next level with these little beeauties! Cupcakes that say BUZZ perfectly!  And they were even "diet" cupcakes to boot! hehehe!

How About A Little Tea With The Bee?
Ok, all you potter's get your wheels a turning and your hive's a burning to create your own amazing version of the Bee Teapot...perfect for brewing a little fun in The Hive!  You can buy this one here!

Or maybe a Pop Art Minis Bumble Tote or T... ready to buzz from Zazzle and Me!
Ok, sorry...a little self promotion I know, but I the bees made me do it! tehehehe!
These bee designs are both available in my Pop Art Minis Zazzle Store along with a whole lot more!

And last, but not least a little golden nugget...The Golden Bumble Bee by j crew!
I'm sure that that the amazing jewelry designers in The Hive might find inspiration from this little golden gem and create something that is even more awesome and bee-autiful!

Are you ready to join the Buzzzzz Club? 
What's fun and Bee-tuiful creations have you made!
Please feel free to post pics or links to your BUMBLED Beauties and Buzz-worthy Creations!

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