Saturday, November 6, 2010

Elementary...Chalk This One Up To A Grade School Memory! Creative Chalkboard Fun!

I remember vividly the all inspiring words when spoken by my elementary school teachers to "Go Write on The Board!"  Oh, how I loved to hear my name called to get to write on the chalkboard wall...even if it involved math I was up for the challenge! hehehe!  I remember the walk to the wall...thinking the whole time I have to use my best writing . . .  this is going to be awesome . . .I get to write on the board! YES! Ahh, the things that made us happy when we were young! I guess with just having a birthday it set my mind in motion to remembering some of these special childhood memories.  And with the chalkboard memory came the thought of how creative you could get with making your very own chalkboard.  The paint is readily available at just about any home improvement and craft store and there's just so many things that can now be turned into an instant chalkboard . . . that in turn can spur more creative fun!  So off I went on a "google search to find some creative inspirations to create magic slate.
"The Chalkboard" 

I've Been Framed . . . of course! I can't resist writing on The Board!  Find an old frame of any kind, spray it any color and pop in a chalkboard...add a pretty hanger and it's Just Write!
Courtesy of Heidikins

A Magnetic Attraction!

A Basket Case for The Chalkboard . . . Picnic Fun
Courtesy of The Blessed Nest

A Global Attraction to The Chalkboard! I just saw one a globe at the Goodwill yesterday! I think I may be making a trip back over there to pick up a new palette for a chalkboard.  How International! hehehe!
Courtesy of Blog

Give Notice or Tag Your It! Perfect for a special message and you can make it any shape, size, style! Tie a ribbon and you've got yourself a Chalkboard with Gift Appeal!
Courtesy of Planning With Kids

The Chalkboard Fridge .  .  . Write On!
Courtesy of Design Mom

Now I'm off to create my own chalkboard creation . . . wall, framed, shape?  So many decisions...Where's the chalk?


Unknown said...

Love it!!! couple of my family members made BIG framed ones for their dining rooms and put scripture and the weekly chore list!! It looks cool and serves a great purpose!! my 2 favorites though are the globe and the WHOLE fridge(the green one)!! That's AWESOME!!!! ;)

Joni Nickrent said...

How cool! I have so many memories of growing up playing school and the big chalkboard that we used. It was awesome. Thanks so much for sharing another great idea! I think the globe is one of my faves too!