Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get Creative with Paint Chip Cards . . . POPS of Color and Fun!

If you're like me you love to collect those little "freebies" called Paint Chip Cards. It seems the colorful display at the home improvement stores just draw me in and I can stand there for much longer than necessary inspired by the wall of color . . . and I never leave without at least a handful of the colorful cards tucked safely in my pocket for future painting, uh, well projects of some kind.  So when I came across my collection this morning it inspired me to do a little google surfing for some creative ways that I might be able to use these awesome little chips of color! Plus, with my daughter moving into her new apartment today you never know I might just need to break out the chips for a little color somewhere in the room!

1. Courtesy of How About Orange
Paint Chip Creations that are Sweet - Tweets!

2.  Courtesy of ReNest
Pixelated Artwork from Paint Chips! Quite an Impression don't you think?

3.  Courtesy of Whimsy Love Blog
Take Note...tiny notepads and there's even a How To on her blog...check out the link above! Too CUTE!

4.  Courtesy of Real Simple
A paint chip strip makes a dandy place card: Cut off a length of two colors, then fold.

5.  Courtesy of Bella Carta Blog
Cards...why, of course! This is an awesome blog with lots of amazing and beautiful cards that started with a paint chip sample!

6.  Courtesy of Tales From An Open Book clever and creative!

How about YOU . . . Do you collect, create or crave these little colorful chips?

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Barbara said...

Love this idea, especially the bookmarks, I usually just throw them away.