Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Here! It's Here! And It's bursting with Sweet TREATS!

Just couldn't pass up the opportunity to unveil my Black Cat Pumpkin Pinata that my amazing and creative sister Shari made for me as a special birthday treat . . . and what a TREAT it was!  Filled with all kinds of my favorite candy goodies from red licorice to pixie sticks, fortune cookies to pretzels and my most favorite caramels.  Thanks again for making my 29th (hehehe) birthday so special!

The envelope please!

The photo that inspired the creation! Circa 1964 - Vintage! Wow, how time flies!

A peek inside the box!

Free from the packing peanuts! I can feel how heavy it is...full of treats!


A tiny peek inside!

Yep, there's the good stuff!

Let me get my hands on the goodies!


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LEFTZ said...

That's adorable :))