Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pretty Papers, Ribbons and Bows...Gettin' Creative with Gift Wrapping...That's a WRAP!

With the holidays fast approaching (only 42 days till the BIG day) I thought it would be fun to do a little "google" search for fun, funky, recycled and creative gift wrapping ideas.  Below are my Creative Pretty Paper Finds...maybe they'll inspire your wrapping this season...I know I have found inspiration!

Festive Envelopes . . . Great for Gift Card Giving
These handmade envelopes, fashioned from magazine pages and wrapping paper, are great for holiday letters or flat gifts, such as CDs. Unfold a regular envelope. Choose patterned paper larger than the envelope (or stick mismatched pieces together with glue). Trace the envelope onto the paper, fold (use envelope as a guide), and secure with glue stick. If mailing, add a label.
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Fontastic Fabulous
Ok, font lovers (myself included) this one is perfect for a pretty package with a personal touch! Print out your favorite fonts on your computer...create your font stencils from recycled paper finds for some glamorous and fun holiday paper fun! This is one wrap even the men in your life would be happy to receive!
Courtesy of

Chalkboard Stickers
Take some festive wrapping paper add a ribbon or two and a chalkboard sticker tag.
Courtesy of Merriment Design

Newspaper with a Peppermint Flower Twist
Recycled newspaper takes on a new twist after wrapping itself nicely around a gift and being topped off with a paper flower complete with red and white pepper twist ribbon tucked inside for a colorful splash of holiday fun!  What's black and white and red all over...hehehe?
Courtesy of Creative Underworld

RECYCLED Wrapping...and a VIDEO that shows you Step by Step! Thanks
Potato Stamping Fun  . . .  A Tisket A Tasket A Recycled Basket.
And that my friends is a WRAP!

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