Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey Day Table Toppers . . . Creative, Cute and Colorful! Gobble! Gobble!

GOBBLE GOBBLE Turkey Day is Almost here
Check out these fun decorations for fall festive cheer
A touch of color . . . red, orange and gold
Creative, Cute, Colorful and oh, so bold!

With only a few days left until Thanksgiving here's some Creative ideas for "turk-riffic" tabletoppers and party favors all with a "Thankful Twist"

Mums The Word
Those leftover pumpkins from Halloween take on new life when you add colorful mums and flowers. Pop a mum add a floral pick and stick into the pumpkin until entirely covered.  You could even add some colorful fall ribbons and bows for an added touch of pizzaz!

Give Thanks
Courtesy of Parents
This is one quick and easy table topper that can be pulled together with things you might already have waiting in your cupboards and craft closets. 

Here's what you need to create this thankful and fun display . . .
•16" to 18" sticks
•Acrylic paint
•Paper grocery bags
•White paper
•Colored pencils
•Tall drinking glasses
•Lentils or split peas

1. Paint sticks different colors and let dry.
2. Cut 5" circles from grocery bags and cut 3-1/2" circles from white paper. Mount white circles on top of brown ones with glue and let dry. Write letters on each of the white circles to write a Thanksgiving sentiment. 3. Glue each circle to a painted stick and anchor in a glass full of beans, lentils, or split peas...or find color harvest candy for more festive look.   Display down the center of your dining table or along a buffet.

Autumn Harvest . . . Fall Under Glass
Courtesy of Country Living
I LOVE this...winter squash and pumpkins under glass and on elevated on cake stands so classic and beautiful!  For best display be sure to vary the height and For a vertical display, invert the cloche to add the squash, then cover the opening with a plate or cake stand and turn it right side up.

Candy Cornucopia
Courtesy of Heather Bullard
I love paper cones and these are adorable and filled with fun fall candy as well.  The perfect Thanksgiving party favor and just the right touch for some terrific table top bling!

For the complete HOW TO visit Heather's Blog!

Burning Bright
Courtesy of Mama Knows
I'm all about this one is right up my alley!  You'll also find some more great tips for making your Thanksgiving...or any holiday more festive and fun. 
These candles look like they've been wrapped with brown wool felt that has been decked out with cream color letters...taking center stage for a perfect fall look...burning bright!

Candle Bands . . . From wool felt, cut bands slightly narrower than each candle's length. Cut two of each letter for the "Giving Thanks" display. Secure one letter to each side of the band with spray adhesive.  This could easily be done in Christmas colors and sentiment as well!

Very Veggie
Another great idea using candles and more than one serving of vegetables . . . this is one way to get everyone to agree that vegetables "ain't" that bad, in fact they're pretty darn yummy!   Asparagus- and green bean-wrapped candles, stretch two sturdy rubber bands around a white pillar candle, then insert vegetable stalks underneath the band. Cover the bands with a circle of satin ribbon and decorate the platter with a few white mums and coffee berry sprigs.

Plus, there's even a HOW TO Video for creating this "green" look!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

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