Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Chalkboard Project...WRITE ON! A DIY UpCycled Wooden Door Chalkboard

Today was the day that I decided to join the creative chalkboard brigade and "chalk" up my own idea for a up cycled chalkboard that will hopefully become a fun little spot for creative fun, lists and other inspiring bits of information. 
I purchased an old wooden door frame at a flea market a few months ago and had been using it in my fairy garden.  Needless to say it didn't take long before the wind and elements took a toll on the inside framework and I was only left with the outside frame.  Instead of throwing it out I decided to keep it around thinking that someday I would have a use for it.  Remembering my recent chalkboard blog and creative ways that others had turned ordinary objects, walls, refrigerators and even doors into chalkboards I decided this would be the new purpose of the remaining door frame.  So, I got my husband to cut the plywood inserts and with a little chalkboard paint and roller in hand began the transformation.   The finished chalkboard is pictured below!

Project Step by Step
Step 1 - Cut the plywood to fit the inside frame
Step 2 - Prime the plywood (I just used some latex paint that I had leftover from another project and it worked great.  There are also primers that you can buy)
Step 3 - After the primer coat is dry apply coat 1 of the chalkboard paint - Let Dry
Step 4 - I put the panels in the sun and they dried super quick...probably not recommended by the maker's of the paint, but I can sometimes be a not so patient always! hehehe
Step 5 - After a total of 3 coats of chalkboard paint (my choice...the directions call of 2) with some quick drying time in between I was ready to tack into the frame.
Step 6 - Using 3/4" and 1" tack nails I placed the plywood boards inside the frame and nailed into place.
Step 7 - The plywood that my husband cut was actually in two pieces so I took one of the frame pieces (that had fallen out earlier) and cut it to cover where the two wood pieces met.  It actually made a perfect ledge to hold a piece of chalk...imagine that! :)
Step 8 - I added some little signs that I hand painted with some fun graphic words for a little inspiration!
Step 9 - Since it's the holidays I couldn't resist topping off the chalkboard door with a touch of greenery and some candy canes.
Step 10 - I added a little basket that can hold extra chalk and the eraser . . . hung on a little nail.  I think I will eventually get a screw in cup hook for this, but for now the nail works fine!
Step 11 - Grab some chalk and add a message!
Step 12 - Sit back and SMILE!

So that's my "chalkboard project" and I must say I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!

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