Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DIY New Year's Party Hats . . . Ring In The New Year "Mad-Hatter" Style!

My niece Ashlee models her New Year's "mad-hatter" style!

Grab some construction paper, glitter paint markers, curling ribbon, a dab of glue and anyone that wants to have fun making party hats that will surely stand out in a crowd.   This is one DIY project that has New Year's style and fun all over it and they're "easy-peasy" too! 
Here's a quick step by step on how to create your very own cone shaped New Year's Hat!
Mix it up, add  your own touches and just go crazy...Party On!

Emily and Taylir concentrate on adding just the right "glittery" touches!

And the finished hats...decorated and styled just waiting for the party!

And here's my nephew, Evan modeling his favorite "mad-hatter" style!

Happy New Year . . . let the party begin!

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