Sunday, December 19, 2010

Run, Run As Fast As You Can...We're Gonna Bake A Gingerbread Man...and Snowman...and Candy Cane...Cookies!

My daughter decided that today was going to be Gingerbread Cookie Baking Day! So who was I to say's raining, cold and just plain yucky outside so it really was a perfect day to bake up some delightful cookie treats.  We mixed up a batch of gingerbread (as she read the recipe from her iphone...gotta love technology) and placed it in the fridge for a couple hours to set up just right!
While we were waiting we made a batch of Thumbprint cookies to fill the time...colorful, bright and tasted just right! We made lots of buttercream frosting to use on the Thumbprint cookies and the Gingerbreads!

By the time the thumbprint cookies were baked, frosted, tasted, and saved for sharing it was time to start the Gingerbread making . . .

Roll It!

Cut It!

Cut some More!

Cutting the tiny heart details!

Cool IT!

Decorate It!

Frosting in a small plastic bag worked great for a DIY frosting sure to only cut a teeny tiny hole or else you'll end up with a big "blob" of frosting...and yes it happened to us...once! LOL

The finished works of Gingerbread Art! :)

We definitely had a lot of creative fun, but these gingerbread cookies better! Or they will most definitely be a sweet treat that someones gonna eat!  hehehe!
Wishing you a Sweet Week!

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