Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bright, Colorful, Creative FUN! Daisy Doodle Days...Adora-Belle and IDEX!

Today is the last day at the IDEX Doll andTeddy Bear Show and we've had an awesome time "playing with dolls" plus a whole lot more...
"Twitter Time" with all of our amazing dolly friends...YOU ALL ROCK!

Seeing all of our Dolly Retailer's and collector Friends that were able to attend the show! (Wish YOU All could have been here...maybe next year when the show moves to Sea World...FUN! Yeah, let's all plan on coming...hehehe)
(Judy from Judy's Dolls with "It's Been a Hoot" and her "hoots" DOTY! Hooot-hooot!)

Dolly Signings and GREAT Dolly Giveaways

Artist Jen Printy with Lil' Cowboy...hehaw...what a giveaway dolly!

And...we can't forget those awesome SHOW Specials...The Colorful and Crazy Mop Top Bags and Our darling IDEX exclusive Adora Belle Daisy Doodle Days!

What a Face! Adora-Belle

When you collect ALOTA dolly's you need ALOTA Mop Top Bags!

Adora Belle Daisy Doodle Days!  Limited Edition of only 50 dollys! Crazy Cool!

So with only a few more hours left before we pack up the dolly's for their trip to the New York Toy Fair and head back to California I'm signing off with a wishes for you to have a Daisy Doodle Day!

Live Bright, Colorful and creative...oh, and remember you're never too old to play with dolls!

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