Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Day At Disney . . . Dollys, Daredevil Rides, Dancing, Dining, DELIGHTFUL!

(The Charisma Team Peggy, me and BJ with Marie, Disney's Frog Princess dolly)

What a day . . . full of magic and fun at Disney! From a dolly signing with Marie to a walk down Main Street (sharing the all new Mop Top Tote bag...LOVE) a trip over to California Adventure for a daredevil ride on  The Tower of Terror and the Screamin' Roller Coaster (last ride of the night and front row seat!) Whoohooo! A little dancing...too fun and dinner at the Cantina! Here's a quick pic tour of the fun . . . simply DELIGHTFUL

Marie Osmond and some amazing dolly collector's

The Mop Top Tote . . . bright, bold and beautiful! hehehe!

Real or Fantasy . . . at Disney the two collide!

The Tower Of Terror . . . definitely worth dropping in on!
Oh, and by the way . . . make sure all of your personal items are securely fastened down.  We're still trying to locate BJ's license, credit cards and cash . . . LOST and FOUND is on the look out!

Dancing the night away!

Time for a little screammmmmmm! 

Tacos at the Cantina . . . delicious!

The end of a delightful day at Disney! Thanks Mickey!

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