Sunday, January 9, 2011

D.I.Y. BE MINE Valentine's Heart Garland . . . Glittery Valentine Fun!

With Christmas tucked away and the house looking a little bare I decided it was time to bring on the Valentine's Day decorating fun!  So here's a simple Do-it-yourself Valentine's Heart Garland that I made using pre-cut tagboard hearts (Michaels), paper heart doilies, pre-cut tagboard letters (Dollar Store Finds) Sheet Music Hearts, glitter letters (Target scrapbook section), glitter paint (optional) Crepe Paper...a little ribbon, glue and your imagination! 
Simple, Easy and definitely full of HEART!
Here's a step by step for the BE MINE Heart Garland!
(WARNING: There's LOTS of Pix! hehehe)

"The Stuff" I used to make the garland.

Sheet Music Hearts.  I found this book at a flea market, but here's a place that you can download and print your own HERE for FREE!

A full sheet cut in half to make the hearts.

Fold, Trace, Cut

The 3 hearts that will be glued together to make a single heart for the garland
1.  White Tagboard Heart
2.  Pink Paper Doily Heart
3. Sheet Music Heart

Punch Out letters from The Dollar Store.  You can make your own too!

Here's the message I selected...two styles of cut out letters.  One plain, one can never have too much glitter.  hehehe!

All Glued together...ready for the crepe paper ruffles.

Start by gluing the crepe paper streamers at the center/middle/top

Apply a thin line of glue and adhere the crepe paper streamers...scrunching up to look like a ruffle...I glued it on so that it sticks out about a 1/2" from the edge of the tagboard/paper doily hearts

Just like this...ready for the Font-tastic fun!

A look at the front and back of the hearts for the garlands

Punch a hole on both sides to run the ribbon through and tie all together

I cut the ribbon approx. 8" in can allow more if you want a larger gap between hearts.

Run through the hole and tie in a double can also add a touch of hot glue to hold in place. (this is the back)

And this is how it looks from the front



All strung up the letters.

Glue on the larger letter

Than add the glittery letter (optional)

Add a little more glittery detail...outlining the hearts

And an outline around the letters too!

And the finished Garland ready to hang.
Tick Tock on the clock...just in TIME for Valentine's Day!

So there you have it! Now it's your turn . . . make it YOURS . . . add your own personal touches, change up the message, go crazy with the colors and just have fun with a heartfelt touch!

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