Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DIY Valentine and Decorating Fun With A Whole Lotta Heart!

Here's some heartfelt and handmade finds that are oh, so lovely and perfectly divine! In fact they might just cause your heart to skip a beat with excitement and joy . . . maybe you'll even fall in love! hehehe You never know when there's a whole lotta heart involved!

Get The Conversation Started
How about a Styrofoam wreath form completely covered with those Yummy? things called Conversation Hearts. Cute, fun and a bit funky...add a sign that gets right to the point and you've got yourself one conversation starter to hang on just about any door in your house! CUTE And Candy-riffic!
Courtesy of Mandi Tremayne

Glittery Valentine Garland
Glittery hearts a little bit of ribbon, old magazines and letters printed in a style that suits your fancy...put them altogether and you've got a garland that just screams "BE MINE!"
Or any other fun saying that tugs at your heartstrings!

Love Letters
Ok, so this one doesn't show a step by step how to, but I'm sure with all the creative and talented peeps out there you could figure out a way to make this happen. I just thought it was so cute and perfect for collecting all the valentines and love letters that will surely be coming your way. Mail Time!
Courtesy of Posh-Posh and Pottery Barn Kids

Herbal Heart
Heat things up with this chamomile scented fabric heart. Pop it in the microwave for a herbal treat that soothes sore muscles and relaxes even the most frazzled valentine on your list.
Courtesy of Shelter Pop

Embroidered Heart Pins
How sweet are these...embroidered details make this pins pop with texture and fun. There's even a
downloadable pattern.
Courtesy of Maggie Makes

Vintage Valentines
FREE downloadable files for these awesome and Oh, so sweet vintage valentine's! Perfect for sharing with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day or for fun craft projects that are just asking for a little vintage flair! LOVE THEM!


Lisa M Griffin said...

LOVE all this valentine inspiration!!! I have lots of ideas just awaiting this LOVEly holiday. AND I still need to get your address so that I can send out your items from my giveaway! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. :)

LuzminasCorner said...

Lovely ideas!! I love hearts! never get tired of them!

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks Lisa and Luzmina for popping by and leaving an awesome comment! LOVE when that happens! :)