Tuesday, January 18, 2011

D.I.Y. Valentine's Day Paper Candy Cone! Free Pop Art Mini Downloadable too! S*W*E*E*T!

Here's a simple Do-it-yourself Valentine's Day project that comes complete with a FREE Pop Art Minis "Bee My Valentine" download to use on the front for decoration.
Paper Candy Cones . . . The Perfect Way to Share a S*W*E*E*T Treat with your Valentine's this year!
Download HERE!
Or use a favorite photo, vintage valentine or a special something that your Sweetheart would LOVE! 

For Cone:  Sheet Music, Tagboard, Scrapbook Paper - Your Choice, crepe paper streamers, 1/4" Ribbon, Glue, Scissors, Glitter Glue (optional), Shredded paper stuffing, paper punch, Candy or Goodies to put inside the cone when complete.


A Few pix for good measure! hehehe!

Cut the Pop Art Minis Be My Valentine Design

Roll the material of choice into cone shape and glue in place.

Glue the Art to the front of the cone

Glue the crepe paper streamers around the top edge of the cone.  Glue and scrunch the paper as you go to get a ruffled look.

Leave approx. 1/2" overhang at the top. 

Add the 1/4" ribbon accent all the way around the ruffled crepe paper border...centered as shown.  A glue gun or craft glue can be used for this.

Punch a hole on both sides opposite each other to add the ribbon hanger.  The length of the ribbon should be approx. 20" so that you have enough length to tie a double knot on each side and hang the candy cone. 

Glue off the double knots to hold in place. 

Add a ribbon accent over the hole on both sides where the ribbon hanger comes through.

Ribbon accents, ruffled crepe paper border, Pop Art Mini design glued on and ready for the finishing touches

A little glitter accent for some sparkle!

A glitter heart in the center for a touch of love.

Add the SWEETS and Waa-laa...you've got yourself a Candy Cone ready for YOUR Valentine!

Wishing you a Very Sweet Valentine's Day!

P.S.  I shared this project at Todays Creative Blog Link Up!

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