Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Done! I'm Done! "Bruno Bear And The Moon" . . . Dreamy!

I have an obsession with the moon and when I heard the song by Bruno Mars called "Talking to The Moon" well, I fell head over heels!  It's about this guy who's in love and every night he sits and talks to the moon about that special person that he's in love with...hoping that she might be listening on the other side of the moon...sigh...dreamy and such a great love story kind of thing! I'm gonna vote that she is listening. 
Anyway, inspired by Bruno's song I had to create my version of "talking to the moon", in Pop Art Mini form of course!
So here's "Bruno Bear and The Moon" hanging out, talking and ready to share his heart with a love, hopefully on the other side of the moon!

Want a peek at the start to finish progression . . . here you go!

The mini-mini it notes do come in handy! hehehe

Sketch on the 12"x12" Paper Canvas...waiting for pops of color!

The color and outlining has begun.

Mooning, oops, I mean moving right along...more color!

Every shade of blue...add a little about some orange and green too...sure why not!

Color is complete and it's time to start the blending

Blending stick going in to create some soft detail.

The eyes have it . . . outlining has begun

A few more bold black outlines and we're just about over the moon!

Yep, that will do it...signing off!

I'm Done! I'm Done! "Bruno Bear And The Moon"

Hope Your Day Is Filled With Dreams, Love and A Little Talking To The Moon!

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Unknown said...

oh wow!!! this piece is so so cute!!! wonderful work!!!