Thursday, January 13, 2011

No One Cares What I Had For Lunch, huh? What? Really? Insert Sad Face Here!

Today in The Hive there was a post from one of my favorite buzzy bee friends, Alexa Westerfield.  Her post was about a book that she had gotten for Christmas called "No One Cares What You Had For Lunch" and included 100 Ideas For Your Blog.    Well when I read the title I was shocked!!!! What? How could that be! NO one cares what I had for lunch?  But, what if it was really great (not that it is, was or will be, but what if?).  Or what if it  included a story about how almost everyday  I walk a few hundred feet down the parking lot to our local business complex deli called, "Sandwich Plus".  What if I told you that it was run by the cutest family! Sam, who takes the orders . . . he knows our orders by heart . . . how cute is that! And than there's Sam's  Mom and brother who work the kitchen . . . Sam calls back "Get Joni's sandwich started" (as I walk through the door)!  And they know exactly how I like it . . . "yummy homemade chicken salad on squaw, no crusts unless it's the day that Augie, our office "best friend" who is shown here  just finished some lip smacking good crusts while sporting a dolly wig!   Augie loveessss the crusts and usually with a side of bacon! hehehe!

Would all that get someone to care about "what I had for lunch?" Please, pretty please with sugar on top! LOL! Or maybe it's not really that you don't care what I had for lunch, but that you just want to hear about it in a way that will entertain, inform and maybe even come with a dollop of  humor on the side! Who knows for sure, but if you'd like to tell me what you had for lunch than  lay it on me like a hot dog on a bun with a little mustard on top for good measure! Or a big, oooey, goooey cheese pizza with a side of ranch! 
And I'll bite . . . "What did you  have for lunch today?" But remember it might just be in the Details! Details! Details!

P.S.  Thanks Alexa for the post . . . I"m going to definitely check out the book for sure! Because I had to revert to a blog about "what I had for lunch today"!  SMILES!

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