Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paper Straws, Polka Dots and A Pop Art Mini TOO . . . Sweet Inspirations!

Not sure why I decided to google search paper straws (childhood memories, maybe?) and  polka dots at around 4:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, but I am happy to report that my search efforts were not in vain.  This early morning search turned up an array of fun and festive finds and also was a sweet inspiration for a new Pop Art Minis Design . . . proving once again that you never know exactly how, when, where or why an idea may POP into your head. But just make sure your ready because it might just come in the middle of the night, maybe while still in bed! hehehe!

From paper straws sweet, colorful and fun.
Above Courtesy of The Sugar Diva 

Above Courtesy of Katydid Paper Goods

Above creative fun brought to you from Papermash.  FREE Download Project HERE!

To polka dot goodies . . .  balloons, hats, tags . . . never overdone!
Polka Dot Balloon Mix
Courtesy of Not On High Street

Table decorated with party cone hats and polka dotted top hat from RAZ

Courtesy of Good Gravy and a FREE Download too!

Comes a new Pop Art Mini, inspired it's true

From an early morning google search . . . who knew? Maybe YOU?

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