Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Sweet Tweet Inspired by A Vintage Valentine...An Illustration of Love!

I'm still finding inspiration from Vintage Valentine finds from the other day . . . remember the little birdie valentine from my post a couple days ago?  Well, she's back (that's her peaking out at the edge of the sketch) and she's the starting inspiration for my latest Pop Art Mini design, "Sweet Tweet". 
 I changed up the colors a bit and added a little wire birdcage (another inspiration that keeps floating in the back of my mind), a few more hearts, a rose headpiece and a message that "chirps" of a reference to that thing called "Twitter".  And without further ado I'd like to introduce to you "Sweet Tweet"

And since I hadn't shared a progressive picture show lately thought I'd throw in few quick flashes . . .  Sometimes it's fun to see how it's done

After the pencil sketch is complete I apply a layer of white to the entire paper.

Next up background...which is usually several shades of blue and sometimes a touch of green.

More blue...

Next up a little brown and the details start to come together

Adding black outline accents that will be blended into the color for a nice shaded look.

A little more to be precise.

And next a bit of comes the bold, bright colors

Catch a fella with a little bit of yella...hehehe

And the blending begins first using the white oil pastel . . .

and than the blending stick.

After the blending the details and finishing touches

Tweet! Tweet! It's just about complete . . . signing off!

Wishing you a day filled with "Sweet Tweets"!


Unknown said...

Such a Sweet Tweet! I just love her. I have a CD that has a bunch of vintage cards on it...I use them for inspiration on my cards and this look!

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks so much Karel! Appreciate you dropping by my blog and leaving a comment...always nice to know someone was here! :)