Sunday, January 23, 2011

They're DONE! Meet Billy, Buffy, Bruiser and Bucky...a Bunch of Colorful Characters!

"The Adventures of the Besties"

A colorful bunch of characters
whose names all start with B
Billy, Buffy, Bruiser, Bucky. . .
best pals for you and me.
Balloons held high up in the sky,
let the adventures begin
Cause when these four get together
the fun will never end!

From pencil sketch of 3

Oh, wait...where's that makes 4!

Now a perfect group of friends let the color adventure begin

Big eyes and stunning smiles! hehehe

A close up of Bruiser and Bucky hanging on to their balloons.

And not to be outdone here's a close up of  Billy and Buffy Smiling ear to ear!

I'm thinking these four characters just might show up again soon. 
Have an idea for their next adventure?  A story they could star in? hehehe
I'd love to hear your ideas!

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