Saturday, January 22, 2011

Treasures Under Glass! Inspired Ideas 4 Decorating With Cloche!


I love glass cloche and have a few  pieces that I use for seasonal decorating and display of my treasures and finds.  But, I have to admit that I hadn't updated my displays for a while and needed a bit of inspiration for new ideas to display under and around the glass dome! So what's a girl to do, but hit the internet with a google search for inspired new and interesting cloche treasure display ideas.  Here's my cloche find picture journey sharing the awesome ideas that I found along the way followed by my inspired decorating results!

For The Birds!
I love bird decor and thought this one was the perfect way to feather the nest!

My version after a few tweaks and tweets
(Sorry about some of these photos...wasn't having a gr8t picture day)

Seashells and Starfish
I loved this pic when I saw adding the coffee filters to the bottom gave the look of a sanding beach without the mess...hehehe! And it inspired the perfect way to display a shell that my husband picked up over the holidays on a beach excursion to Dana Point
Courtesy of Blue Creek Home

My versions with treasures from flea market and beach finds!

Captured Fairies
I love fairies and this was a perfect way to display the them and make sure that they stayed along a know how they like to disappear.
(She also shares a fun and flea market creative way to make your own tiny cloche)

My version of fairy fun finds under glass!
(Again please excuse the pix...I don't think the fairies were wanting to be seen today! hehehe)

Vintage Valentine
Loved the idea of including at least one valentine and this one caught my eye for sure.  vintage Valentines and scrabble perfect starting points

And last but not least my version of the Valentine Inspired cloche and table top decor.

Vintage Valentines, Patty Panda (one of my Mom's faves and now mine too), the LOVE Note candles, a Too Sweet Chocolate Dolly tot, and a candle under glass.

So there you have inspired display of some Treasures Under Glass!
What treasure do you have waiting to be displayed under the cloche?

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