Friday, January 7, 2011

W.I.P. Talkin' To The Moon . . . Drawing On Inspiration from Bruno And The Moon!

One of my favorite gifts I received this Christmas was the Bruno Mars CD, "doo-waps and hooligans". 

If you haven't heard it I highly recommend you give it a listen.   I love just about every song, but I especially loved the song called "Talking To The Moon" . . . maybe it's my love of the moon too that makes this one a particular favorite, but whatever the reason it's inspired my latest Pop Art Mini (of the same name, for right now anyway).  I sketched out the rough idea on a post it note a couple nights ago . . .
. . . and finally had a chance to sketch it on to the 12"x12" paper canvas tonight.   
A few changes from the original "mini-mini" sketch, but for the most part pretty much the same . . . a sleepy little teddy dressed in his long john p.j.s stretched out over the moon deep in conversation about his teddy love . . . inspired by Bruno's song!  I'll definitely be adding some hearts on the jammies and lots more colorful fun.  Hoping to get a start on the color yet tonight . . . we'll see, for now just a peak at the moon.  

And just in case you want to give the song a listen here you go!

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