Friday, February 18, 2011

♫♥♪Bunny Love, ♫♥ Oh, Bunny Love ♫♥♪

Bunny Love by Joni Nickrent © 2011
I't s been a while since I've had some Pop Art Mini time and I'm lovin it . . . Bunny Love to be exact! Hippity Hop A New Bunny Pop . . . Art Mini . . . and a poem too!
Bunny Love by Joni Nickrent © 2011

Smiling, happy oh, so cute
Dressed in a furry bunny suit
A bright red heart she holds in her hand
Hippity hops across the land
 Sharing a little bunny love
Heavenly, sweet sent from up above

Start to finish here's a little video share!


Cornerstoregoddess said...

Hope you're hive-ing a fabulous weekend. Enjoying seeing your beautiful work.

Unknown said...

Beautiful work! The poem made me smile. Thank you so much for sharing!