Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Count Down To Toy Fair 2011...Playtime Fun 4 Everyone!

Only one more day in the office then I'm off to the 2011 Toy Fair in New York! Everyone at Charisma has been prepping for weeks, working on lots of new dolly projects, photo shoots, catalogs, booth design and some exciting surprises that will debut on opening day this coming Sunday (Feb. 13, 2011) Booth 2065 - Flr.3 - Jacob Javitt's Center.
So stay tuned for tweets, pix, and a grand debut of a brand new collection of dollies that we think will make the competition "green" with envy!
(ok, I can't's a hint..."cookie time"! Oops...that might be just a little too easy! hehehe!But just wait till you see them...AWESOME!)

So be sure to tune into our Charisma Doll Network and Follow the Charisma "Twitter-spondants" for the behind the scenes scoops, surprises and special treats!

@charismabrands - Straight from the source, of course!
@peggyvicioso - Marketing and Development extraordinaire
@sanclemenTbetty - The girl behind the amazing graphics and all things that make our brands Shine!
@popartminis (that's me - product development and "stylist to the dolls")

And Remember . . .  "you're never too old to play with dolls!"

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